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Court says buyers cannot sell songs purchased on iTunes


A U.S. District Court handed down a ruling today that further dictates how much control owners really have over their media.  All Things D reported today that Judge Richard Sullivan ruled in favor of Capitol Records, who sued ReDigi for copyright violations.  ReDigi is a cloud-based service that lets users sell their digital music and purchase pre-owned content at a discount.

As All Things D noted, one of the judge’s primary arguments was the first sale doctrine, which supports companies like Netflix with respect to physical goods.  What this all means, basically, is that owners of digital content may not sell their content without the permission of the copyright owner.  Call me crazy, but I don’t think any major record label is going to give you the thumbs up on that one anytime soon.

It should be interesting to see what more will come from this.  And not just with ReDigi, but content owners in general.  It is legal to sell physical media, after all.  How much control do we really have?  It seems like the answer is constantly evolving.

Do you agree with the judge’s decision?  What do you think this means for how much control owners will have over their media in the future?

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