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New iPhone production ramps up for summer release [RUMOR]


Just like that, the iPhone rumor mill caught fire today on several fronts.  First it was the WSJ reporting that, according to “people familiar with the iPhone’s production” Apple has plans to start production of the next iPhone (5S) in the second quarter of this year.  Let’s be honest here, we generally would expect to see a new iPhone sometime every year by the end of the summer, give or take a month.  It isn’t a stretch to think that mass production of a new iPhone for delivery by the end of the summer would require a ramping up of production lines sometime during the Spring–but ok, it is the WSJ so we take notice.

With the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One racing to the starting line to cash in on a lull in the iPhone release schedule Apple fans everywhere need some reassurance that a new iPhone release is around the corner, so I expect that we will continue to hear more stories like this every week for some time.

The WSJ goes on to say that the rumors about a less expensive iPhone with a form factor similar to the iPhone 5 is indeed on schedule for “release in the second half of the year.”   It is expected that the cheaper iPhone will be utilizing “alternative materials for its casing” compared to the iPhone 5 and possibly offer “different color shells for the phone.”  

Then later this evening we were treated to an open discussion on Branch in the Apple Core Group, with some of the more well know and trusted Apple bloggers in the industry.  The conversation was kicked off by MG Siegler,


And like that, Apple speculation season kicks off. But it’s definitely a bit later than usual this year. I’ve been asked this a lot recently, so I figured I’d put it to the group: when do we think Apple will hold their first event this year and for what? Could they really wait until WWDC in June?


This has been on my mind a lot, too, recently as I wrestle with the notion of Apple not launching any new products or making any major announcements until WWDC this summer.  Typically in the past when they released a new iPhone in the June/July timetable  they had a preview of the next version of iOS in the Spring.  The last time they waited until  the summer for such an announcement, the iPhone 4S wasn’t released until early October, and the iPhone 5 was in mid-September.

If the WSJ has it right, shouldn’t we have heard something from Apple by now?  Do you expect to see a new iPhone before August/September?  For now all we have are the words of “trusted sources” to go by.  Is the pressure on Apple to be more unpredictable with their release schedule?  Do they need to shorten the time between iPhone announcements to stay relevant and keep pace with the heat from the Android OEM’s? Hopefully we’ll hear something more definitive from Apple sooner rather than later.


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