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How did the evad3rs Jailbreak iOS 6.x?


Ever wonder how an iPhone jailbreak is actually achieved.  Better yet, even wonder how the “dream team” evad3rs was finally able to exploit iOS 6.x and give us the first ever jailbreak for the iPhone 5?

Look no further than the 2013 HITB Security Conference held in Amsterdam last week.  A ton of work went into designing the must popular, and fastest adopted jailbreak ever.  The evasi0n tool created by evad3rs was probably the quickest, if not one of the fastest jailbreak tools I’ve ever used.  Just now I installed Cydia on my son’s iPhone, and it took only a matter of minutes.

“Swiping Through Modern Security Features” is the title of the slide show prepared by the four member team.  If you are an aspiring hacker, or if you have the slightest interest in security and the detailed steps evad3rs took in preparing this jailbreak, I highly recommend their slideshow.


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