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Amazon rumored to have purchased Siri-competitor Evi


The rumors that Amazon is developing a competitor to Siri, Apple’s popular voice-recognition assistant, were strengthened after today’s report from TechCrunch.  According to the story, Amazon purchased Evi late last year.  Both sides have declined comment, which is usually the company PR way to confirm a rumor is true.

Evi was released a few months ago, but the release was almost short lived as Apple threatened to yank the app for being too similar to Siri.  Because, y’know, she has feelings, too.

The two companies (Apple and True Knowledge, Evi creator) eventually hashed things out and the app remains in the App Store – and Google Play, for that matter – to this day.  But if today’s story ends up being true, it may not remain for long.

The question, of course, is what is Amazon ultimately planning to do with the acquisition, as well as their purchase of Ivona (another voice recognition company)?  The obvious signs point to Amazon eventually releasing a Siri competitor.

But releasing in onto what, exactly?  The Kindle Fire is a safe bet, but could this also – horrible pun warning – strengthen the signal that Amazon is developing a phone?  Surely, it’s possible.

Just don’t call Siri, ‘Surely.’

(image:  apple.com)

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