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Tim Cook’s comments imply a bigger iPhone screen is not imminent


During today’s Q2 financial results call, Apple CEO Tim Cook briefly touched on the topic of the criticism from some that the iPhone screen is too small in comparison to many of its competitors.  MacRumors has a rough transcript of his comments:

My view continues to be that iPhone 5 has the best display in the industry. We always strive to create the very best display. Some customers value large screen size. Others value other factors such as resolution, color quality, white balance, reflectivity, power consumption, compatibility of apps, and portability. Our competitors have made some significant tradeoffs in many of these areas to ship a larger display. We would not ship a larger display iPhone while these tradeoffs exist.

Partisan fanboys on both sides might cringe at the comments, but it does seem to fall in line with how the company has typically addressed screen size complaints.

Color quality, white balance, and reflectivity might not resonate with most, but the others certainly do.  Power consumption is a thorn in many sides, but Android phones have made great strides in that department, even if the iPhone is near or at the top.

The mention of portability, however, struck me as interesting, particularly when discussing screen size.  I think we all can agree that, at a certain point, a phone screen can be too big.  This is especially true for devices that go for the phone-tablet-hybrid-look, but even those marketed purely as phones can feature a screen so big that, at times, it gets in the way of what the user is trying to do.

That being said, I am getting to the point where I’d like to see Apple bump up the screen size.  I’m not sure to what size, but that’s where Apple comes in.  They clearly excel at many things, but one aspect in particular can be taken as both an insult and a compliment – hitching on to a recently-developed trend and setting and/or perfecting the standard.

I’m hoping they follow suit with a bigger iPhone screen.  Just not too big.

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  • In this day in age, technology is getting smaller and smaller. However, our smartphones are getting bigger and bigger if companies keep making their screen sizes bigger and bigger. I say that a screen bigger than 4.3″ is too much, and beyond that someone should probably use a tablet or a normal PC.

    • Stuntman06

      Going from a 3.7″ screen to a 4.8″ one was a bit of a shock initially. It didn’t take me long to get used to it. I find that I can comfortably use such a large device one handed with ease.

      Tablets are quite large and the size difference is a huge jump. Although not everyone would want such a large phone, it is nice for those people to have the option of different screen sizes.