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My favorite to-do app, Any.DO, missing vital part(s) [Rant]


Like many people, I make lists – grocery lists, to-do lists, reminder lists, lists of birthday gift ideas, lists of lists… you get the picture. Although most of them are mental, many are sticky notes, and in the world of multitasking, I’ve migrated most of those lists to electronic to-dos or categories of lists.

I’ve tried to-do / list making apps and almost a year ago settled on Any.DO as my non-Apple favorite: its simplicity is beautiful (similar to Clear), syncs across multiple devices (almost like Wunderlist), and has location-based reminders (like Apple’s native Reminders app using iCloud). Yes, it’s nearly perfect for my needs – lists can be categorized by folder or deadline and even comes with dictation that is often more successful than Apple’s.


any.do reminder


So if it’s so “perfect” why am I ranting? Well, honestly I know what Any.DO is capable of DOing that I miss its equivalent partners – a Mac App and particularly an iPad app. I understand that Any.DO migrated from the Android platform which explains their successful Chrome browser extension (which I use daily) and Gmail integration, and I’m guessing their app looks stunning on Droid devices… but I’ve been waiting for awhile now. Give it up. At least make an iOS universal app!


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  • I used this app for quite some time and agree it is one of the best…However, Orchestra To Do is now my favorite. Especially if you are sharing To Do’s with other people or giving tasks to others and above all email integration. Not to mention, it has Chrome, IPAD and IPhone apps and syncing all for FREE.

    • Renkman

      I worry about Orchestra, though. These are the same guys that created the new Gmail client “Mailbox” which they say was an evolution of Orchestra. In other words, probably no future support or updates for Orchestra?

      • Jay

        Thanks Derrick. I’ll happily look into it… and I’ll also hope Renkman is wrong!

  • 1st its not “Droid” devices – its “Android Devices”

    2nd – The Android version of this app is nice but Google Keep just blew it out of the water.

    • Jay

      thanks for the catch Defenestatus. Maybe Google Keep will make it to iOS? 😉