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Farewell iSource…hello Android!

android_logo.gifOver the next several months, follow Rob as he blogs about his experiences with the HTC One over at Phandroid.com.

For almost three years now I have been writing for iSource.  When I originally joined the team in the summer of 2010 the site was still called Just Another iPhone Blog.  So much has changed since then. The iPad has grown into the dominant force in the tablet industry. The retina screen was introduced in the iPhone, the iPad and the MacBook.  The Apple TV has continued to gain in popularity, and iTunes and the App store evolve more every year.  Probably the biggest change, though, was the loss of our co-founder and visionary, Steve Jobs.

Through it all I have shared my opinions, reviewed products and apps, and joined you in the forums to discuss how-to’s and answers questions you might have along the way.  I have enjoyed my time here with you on iSource, and I plan to continue writing here.

However, there has always been a part of me that has wanted to try another platform as well.  I have owned every iteration of the iPhone.  Each year the iPhone pushes the envelope and makes hardware and software improvements that keep it a leader in the growing and increasingly crowded smart phone industry.




There have been many times I have wanted to compare the iPhone to other platforms, and other OEM’s, but I haven’t ever had any real experiences that I could draw upon to make informed decisions and draw conclusions that I can back up with tangible experiences.

I refuse to be one of those individuals who reviews products from reading other reviews or simply by citing other blog and news sites.  I can’t take pride in that work, and I wouldn’t expect you to give me the time of day if that was my approach.

Instead I have decided to try the competition for myself.  Last week I sold my beloved iPhone 5, and bought an HTC One.  The Android operating system is the most prolific right now, so it seemed the best OS to compare to iOS.  HTC has a history of making distinct, well made products, and the One is the culmination of their work thus far.  With my appreciation for quality, the HTC One seemed like the perfect fit for me, a first time Android user.

So starting immediately, I will be writing about my experience with the HTC One on our sister site, Phandroid. You can follow me there, and see where my journey takes me, and what I encounter along the way.  I will check in from time to time and share some of those experiences here, on iSource, too.

As an added bonus, Kevin Krause from Phandroid will be joining our iSource family later today.  Kevin is a long-time Android user who has a soft spot for Apple.  Kevin recently took the plunge and bought his first iPhone.  Over the next few months he is going to write about his experience with iOS here on iSource.  Please join me in welcoming Kevin to the team, and make sure to check out his posts.  I’m sure there are many of you out there who can really benefit from learning how to use an iPhone from the perspective of a former  Android owner.


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