Kevin has loyally covered Android topics for several years at, but with the iPhone 5 in hand and a smile on his face, he is welcomed to iSource as a brand new iOS enthusiast.
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Hello, iSource…Goodbye, Android!

Kevin has loyally covered Android topics for several years at, but with the iPhone 5 in hand and a smile on his face, he is welcomed to iSource as a brand new iOS enthusiast.

My name is Kevin Krause, and I’m a recovering Android user. For over three years I have used Google’s mobile OS exclusively, I even blogged about it obsessively over at Perhaps you stumbled across a post or two. But after all that time, Android just isn’t doing it for me anymore. I need something exciting, new, different. Perhaps a change of scenery.

Galaxy S4 and iPhone

I am an Apple user, and have been for the past decade. I’m typing this on the latest generation 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display. The iPhone was the first smartphone I lusted after but the Motorola Droid was the first smartphone I owned. So started a cycle of dependency on Google and its mobile ecosystem. But today I break that cycle. Today everything comes full circle. Today I own the iPhone 5.

I will miss Android, its openness. I will miss a wide selection of phones to choose from. Over the past three years I have owned distinct devices such as the Galaxy Nexus and Motorola Droid RAZR M and tested out countless others from Samsung, LG, and HTC along the way. But I’m ready to trade that in for a singular piece of hardware that simply outclasses all others in terms of design.

I will miss the advanced software features of the platform such as Google Now, enhanced multi-tasking, and widgets. Yes, widgets. You never know how much you love widgets until your homescreen becomes the equivalent of your Android app drawer.

But some things I won’t miss. The unreliable nature of the platform, inconsistent software updates, the neglect of app developers, batteries that quit after less than half a day of use. For me, Android became a frustrating experience toward the end, and that Apple mantra, “It just works,” began to play in my head.

So here I sit, iPhone in hand, unembarrassed to call myself a newb. It feels like making the transition from Windows to OS X all over again. There will be a learning curve, but I’m hopeful that once I get the hang of things I will be blown away all over again by the iPhone.

So stick with me. Yes, some of my early posts might seem a bit rudimentary, but I am going to be as open and honest about my experiences as possible. I am hopeful my past with Android will provide a new perspective on Apple’s platform, as familiar as it is to some readers at iSource. I look forward to getting to know the community here as we set off on this marvelous adventure together.

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  • even though htc one is amazing piece, i prefer iphone 5 because of its gaming experience.

    • Had a chance to check out the One, and agree it’s about as good as an Android phone gets. Design quality is about on par with the iPhone 5. The major difference, of course, is screen size. The bigger display of the One is tempting, but the iPhone 5 has a decent screen as well.

  • Welcome to iSource. Always loved your articles and will be following you here! 🙂

  • I’m definitely an Android fan but I’ll be curious to see an honest opinion of the transition you have to the iPhone. There’s no doubt the iPhone is a quality piece of hardware. I’m interested in iOS’s plus and minuses compared to Android.

    • WIll definitely be covering this sort of stuff more in depth as I get a handle on iOS. Already building a list of likes/dislikes between the two platforms.

  • Welcome! I wish I saw more comments on this page kinda like
    Phandroid has. Either way I look forward to seeing your articles here
    and I hope you enjoy your iPhone!