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Original iPhone soon to be made obsolete by Apple


The original iPhone will soon be crossing its fifth anniversary on the market. With that milestone, Apple will be considering the original iPhone “obsolete”, and thus ineligible for service parts and documentation, and cannot be repaired at mail-in AppleCare Repair Centers. This news comes from an internal Apple document uncovered by 9to5Mac.

This is pretty standard, as Apple traditionally makes a product vintage or obsolete five years after it was first released. There have been exceptions that were forced by law, but on the whole this is true. The original iPhone will be made obsolete on June 11th of this year. Other products that will be moved into the “vintage” category include the mid-2007 iMac, the late 2006 Xserve, and the original Mac Pro.

There is a often forgotten page on Apple’s support site that features all of the vintage and obsolete products going back to the very early years of Apple. It’s worth taking a look, if for no other reason than pure nostalgia.

It seems so strange to me that the original iPhone is six years old, and is now being considered obsolete. It doesn’t seem that long ago that it was something new, and amazing.


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