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Review: Lynktec TruGlide Pro stylus


After reviewing Lynktec’s original TruGlide capacitive stylus a year ago, and then the TruGlide Duo combination pen and stylus last summer, and loving what I saw in both instances, I’m always interested to see what this company is up to. The original Truglide’s innovative microfiber tip resulted in the smoothest capacitive stylus I had ever used. The Duo’s tip was almost as good, but the larger size and versatility of having a good ball point pen added made it really stand out. They are both great styli in their own right, which is why I keep both in my bag pretty much at all times.


The new TruGlide Pro (third from the top in the picture above) is the same size as the original model, but brings a more refined look and feel to the table. Where the original was a straight stick that was thin and a little too light for my taste, the Pro has a larger barrel that tapers down, like a traditional ink pen.


The TruGlide Pro is also noticeably heavier, which is a good thing, in my opinion. That makes it a little easier to control in my large hands.


Honestly, the Pro is still a little on the small size for me, but it is definitely a big step in the right direction.

The TruGlide Pro is available in two color combinations: black barrel with silver tip, and silver barrel with black tip.



Aside from the redesigned looks and ergonomics, the TruGlide Pro also has two other new features that make it stand out. First, Lynktec has managed to get their microfiber tip down to a smaller size of 5mm, making the Pro much more accurate than the typical capacitive styli.



Anyone who has used a stylus on an iPad, even a good one, knows what I’m talking about. They can require a lot of downward pressure to produce accurate strokes (especially for me, since I use a screen protector), and just forget about trying to edit missed strokes on the fly. With most styli, you are better off erasing and re-writing.

However, the TruGlide Pro is different. It actually requires a bit more pressure than the original TruGlide, which was silky smooth thanks to the aforementioned patented microfiber tip. But, in return, you get a much higher degree of control and accuracy. The smaller tip is much easier to position, and it ends up putting your strokes exactly where you expect them to be, which sounds funny, but often isn’t the case with a large tipped capacitive stylus.

Below is a small sample note that I created in Noteshelf for the iPad. Thanks to its zoom feature, I was able to place text into a traditional, small ruled notebook page.


Note that in several places in this small document, I was able to go back and add or fill in strokes without having to erase. For someone with my penmanship (unspeakably bad), that’s impressive. And unfortunately, very necessary. Thank goodness for our increasingly digital world.

The other new feature of the TruGlide Pro could potentially make it the most versatile stylus that I’ve used, to date. The lower third of the stylus, which contains the capacitive tip, is removable.



Lynktec will offer additional colors for sale, so you can change up the look of your TruGlide Pro, or replace a missing or damaged tip. However, the real potential here is in adding tips with different sizes or feels. Lynktec is already planning to offer a conductive silk paintbrush-style tip for artistic work in the near future, so they already have an eye in the this direction.


Here’s my humble suggestion. What I would love to see is an extra long end with the same 5mm microfiber tip. This would transform the TruGlide Pro into my perfect stylus. So few are designed with those of use with larger hands in mind, so this would be a way of getting even more mileage out of an already strong product. Just putting that out there, Lynktec. I know I would buy it.

Hats off to Lynktec again. I was a big fan of their last two capacitive styli, and the TruGlide Pro is no different. The size and weight are superior to the original TruGlide, the small microfiber tip makes the stylus more accurate and easier to use, and the removable/replaceable tips makes it much more versatile. This is a really solid evolution of a product that was already one of the better capacitive styli available. That’s a sign that Lynktec really means business, and is committed to making high-quality accessories. Considering how little innovation there seems to be in this space lately, it’s good to see that at least one company is still trying to make a better stylus for the iPad and other tablets.

The Lynktec TruGlide Pro capacitive stylus will be available from Lynktec starting May 1, 2013 for $29.95.

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