The Electronic Frontier Foundation's "Who Has Your Back?" report ranks top tech companies in regards to consumer privacy. You won't like where Apple falls.
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Apple gets low rank in EFF’s latest privacy report

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As a company, Apple is all about their own privacy, but how much do they care about yours? That is the question the Electronic Frontier Foundation put up to a list of the biggest companies in tech as part of their Who Has Your Back? report, and the results are a bit disconcerting.

Out of the 18 companies examined, five received one or zero stars out of a potential six. Apple was one of them. Stars were allotted based on whether or not a company met certain criteria, such as requiring a warrant for the release of content. In key privacy categories, Apple was only given credit for fighting for users’ rights Congress.

On the other end of the spectrum, Twitter was the only company to score a perfect ranking, while Google received a respectable five.

While it is a means for concern, a low ranking doesn’t necessarily mean Apple is throwing your personal data to the dogs. Simply, they could be making a greater effort to be more transparent and open about the sort of info they collect as well as how they intend to use it.

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