New-look Calendar and Email applications and a UI refresh have the iOS team battling internal deadlines. Jony Ive pushes for a more open, collaborative Apple.
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Jony Ive’s software overhaul scares up talk of delayed iOS 7 release


With his expanded role on the iOS team, Jony Ive is looking to put a fresh coat of paint and more onto the next iOS release. According to a report from Bloomberg, Ive is working at a “sweeping software overhaul” that has the team butting up against internal deadlines like never before.

The worry is that drastic changes to applications and functions that have remained relatively stagnant since 2007 — things like email and calendars — could push back the release of iOS 7. While the revisions will move away from lifelike images and shift towards a “flatter” design (read that how you will, but it sounds a little Android-y, no?), there will also be a greater emphasis on cleaning up software interactions. Ive and co. are also exploring new forms of gesture control for the next iteration of the iPhone and iPad operating system.

As it stands, Apple is still targeting a September release for iOS 7, but it might not ship with all features. Some of those overhauled apps could become available at a later date via software updates rather than at launch.

While Ive’s vision is unlikely to be completely realized with the release of the next version of iOS, the internal shift is already being felt at Apple. It’s a more open, collaborative approach, and it could pay off big in future software releases.

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