Though far from release-ready, Lightroom for iOS promises powerful photo editing capabilities for mobile devices while using the cloud to keep overall size down.
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Adobe building Lightroom app for iOS, takes RAW image editing mobile

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Adobe is in the early stages of development of a mobile-oriented version of Lightroom, putting the software’s powerful RAW image editing engine quite literally into the hands of photographers. Working off of Lightroom 5’s Smart Preview concept, the iOS app is designed to keep size down while providing all the tools needed to tweak images to perfection.

With cloud capabilities, photos are easily synced with a PC while retaining any edits made on a tablet or phone, and this is done without having to transfer the entire RAW file (which can get quite large). The app accomplishes this by only transmitting info pertaining to what has been changed between versions of a photo.

Judging from the early look provided by The Grid, there is a long way to go before Lightroom for iOS both looks like and functions as a polished mobile experience, but the promise of true RAW edits on mobile should have photographers, amateur and professional alike, waiting with bated breath.

[via The Grid]

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