The update to Instagram 3.5 introduces 'Photos of You,' a new feature that allows users to tag others in their retro-tinged masterpieces.
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Instagram introduces photo tagging in latest update

Instagram Photos of You

Facebook started putting its dirty little fingerprints on Instagram when they introduced web-based profiles and photo streams, a move away from the picture sharing network’s app-only origins. In the update to Instagram 3.5, the app sees even more of Facebook’s influence with the introduction of photo tagging.

Users can now tag other users in their photos, with any bearing your name being sorted into a new ‘Photos of You’ tab found on the app’s profile page. With privacy in mind, these pages won’t go public until May 16th, allowing ample time to sort through tagged photos to weed out any potentialĀ embarrassments. Users will be able to change their tag settings to thwart any future issues.

Now it feels like it’s only a matter of time before Facebook swallows Instagram whole, integrating the service (and its cache of images) more directly into the larger social network. Or maybe that’s being a a bit paranoid. Facebook has handled Instagram fairly well so far, but it feels like they are easing us into bigger changes to come.

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