The iPhone and iPad will soon receive clearance for use in some of the most secure branches of the US government. The approval could help Apple gain traction both with government customers as well as those in other high-security industries.
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iOS 6 to receive security clearance for Defense Department use

The Pentagon

Within the next few weeks there could be an uptick in the number of iPhones running around the halls of the Pentagon. According to the WSJ, the Defense Department is ready to approve Apple’s latest iteration of iOS for use high-security in the high-security environment.

Apple (as well as Samsung, who will also receive clearance for certain Galaxy smartphones) has been seeking the approval of the government’s defense branches. With the Defense Department backing iOS 6 on iPhone and iPad,  Apple could not only cut into BlackBerry’s hold in that enterprise market, but also use the badge as a means to appeal to a wider array of security-minded industries such as banking.

The approval would allow those within an even greater range of government branches to use their iPhones and iPads for “nonclassified communications, like email and Web browsing.” Naturally, Apple’s next goal is getting an iPhone in President Barack Obama’s hands. Actually, wait…that was Samsung. No, seriously.


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