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Review: Magnetic Organization System (MOS)

Cable Management. I think if you look this up in the dictionary a few years from now, there might be a one word definition: Sucks. For most people, cable management is a loose term meaning we have cables we want to keep on our desk but many times just decide that the floor is a good spot for them since that’s where they always ends up.

Enter the MOS

For a couple years I’ve kept an end table in my home office open for charging laptops, iPads, iPhones, and various other tech items. And for a couple years now I’ve played the “where the heck is the plug” game. With the MOS, that game has stopped.

The MOS uses embedded magnets to handle almost any cable you put on it. From what I can tell there’s a total of four magnets in the MOS – one in each corner and one in the center as seen below. There’s three included cables ties, each with their own magnet for cables that just won’t stick. And finally, the MOS has a “micro-suction” base to keep it from sliding around, which works beautifully on my table. If I had one gripe – I wish it was a bit bigger, so I could fit more on it.

I’ve found I actually prefer the little magnetic cable ties that are included with the package just because it makes everything look a little cleaner, but for the most part they are completely optional.


I’ve been using the MOS here at home for a couple weeks now, and I have to come really appreciate having the product in my “charge area”. There’s no manual required, no pegs or buttons to push, you just set it down, slap some cables on it and you’re done. It’s simple, elegant and it works.

The MOS is available in white, black and aluminum. You can find out more by visiting the MOS Organizer website which has links on where to purchase, as well as some more details and high-res photos.

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