A workaround to Apple's default apps restrictions, developers can now push users directly to the Chrome browser when opening links.
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Google releases code to integrate Chrome browser with third-party iOS apps

With Apple yet to alter iOS to allow the assignment of third party apps to handle default tasks such as email and web browsing, Google has released a workaround for third-party developers that will allow them to push users directly to Chrome when opening links. It’s the same integration we have seen in recent Google apps updates, such as yesterday’s Gmail release.

ios chrome integration

Using a few simple lines of code, web links will shoot a user from the originating app out to Chrome, but the real genius is that doing so provides a back button that returns the user from whence they came. The transition becomes so seamless that you hardly realize you are moving between apps. That’s functionality that not even Apple’s own Safari provides.

In recent weeks, Google has made a big push to put their stamp all over iOS. They have updated several apps, introduced Google Now, and started to invite developers to bypass Safari in favor of Chrome. How many will do so is yet to be seen, but Google is sure making it simple enough. Apple likely won’t be pleased with Google’s latest move, but for now there seems to be little they can do to control which web browser an app redirects to. We’ll see if that changes.

[via Chromium Blog]

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