New app lets users peruse the directory of iPhone wares, find friends on the social network, and for the first time create a free account without the need for an invite.
" /> launches Passport for iOS passport has launched Passport for iPhone, a great new way for users to stay connected to the social network. More importantly, it acts as the service’s directory of iPhone applications. With Passport, users can explore the app library and install new software directly (you will still have to go through the App Store, but it is integrated rather seamlessly).

What’s more, Passport marks the first time is opening its free accounts to all who hold the app. Before, to snag a free account an invite from a paying member was necessary. views this as an experiment. Read: if it doesn’t work out, the feature could be disabled (so act quickly if you want an account).

What Passport does not do is allow users to send messages (though you can find and follow new friends). The blog explains that they still want to promote the use of third-party applications to handle communications between members.

Passport is a free download from the App Store, and is available now.


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