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Review: iBattz Battstation 7200

The 7200 mAh iBattz Battstation is a big, honking battery in a durable plastic shell. It stores enough power to recharge my iPhone 4S four times over, so usually use it to boost my battery from 50 back to 100 percent on work days. When used like this, my Battstation has enough juice for a week’s worth of recharging.

The Battstation comes with a silicone case that makes it extra tough, but I found that a little bulky, so I do without it. The plastic exterior seems sturdy enough and never creaks, and the black and silver colour scheme looks suitably hi-tech to juice up my slate iPad mini and black iPhone 4S.

There is a single micro-USB port for charging the Battstation itself, and two USB ports – one 0.5A and one 1.0A – for charging two devices simultaneously. I’ve found that an hour’s worth of charging in using the 1.0A port tends to restore about 60-70% of my iPhone’s battery. All I have to do is plug in a 30-pin or Lightning cable, tap the power button on the Powerstation, and leave my devices to recharge.

It’s becoming more commonplace to find large batteries for recharging multiple devices, but the Battstation brings two extra features that help set it apart. A quick double-tap of the power button will activate a small LED, turning the battery into a makeshift “where-did-I-drop-that-quarter” kind of flashlight. Then there’s the matter of the adapter: the battery comes with a micro USB cable and two adapters: one for micro USB to 30-pin, and another micro USB adapter for charging a Samsung Galaxy S. The Samsung adapter was completely useless to me, but I really appreciate the inclusion of the 30-pin adapter, which essentially allows me to use a single cable to charge the Battstation as well as my iPhone 4S.

There’s no Lightning adapter though, so iPhone 5 users will have to use their own Lightning cables. There may also be a bug with either the iBattz or iPhone 5, but in my testing with my friend’s iPhone 5, I did notice several instances where the Battstation stopped charging well short of 100%. This doesn’t happen on my 4S, which charges to full on a consistent basis.

The Battstation makes for a great all-purpose gadget battery. It has enough juice to recharge iPhones, iPads, or anything else that can charge over USB. The use of ubiquitous USB and micro USB ports also means that you can buy this battery for all of your current gadgets and rest assured that it will very likely charge your next smartphone or tablet, as well.

The only catch is availability: I was sent a 7200 Battstation for review, but it seems that this model has recently disappeared from the website. The next size up, the 8400mAh Battstation is still available though, and it costs a very cool $50 on the iBattz website.

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