In an interview with 60 Minutes, Bill Gates recounts his final meeting with Steve Jobs and discusses their relationship candidly, revealing the complexities of their admiration for each other and business rivalry.
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Bill Gates recalls last meeting with Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

In case you missed it, 60 Minutes sat down with Microsoft founder and billionaire Bill Gates to discuss everything from his time with one of the world’s biggest computer companies to his charity work and, yes, even his relationship with Steve Jobs. Gates recalled his final meeting with Jobs and said though the man behind Apple was living on borrowed time their conversation remained “forward looking.”

Jobs talked with Gates about how to use technology to improve education. He also brought up the boat he was building, though both knew there was a good chance Jobs would not live to see its first voyage.

Gates also discussed his appreciation for Jobs’ sense of aesthetic and noted that he was impressed with how someone without much of an engineering background was able to turn Apple into on of the biggest corporations in the world. The majority of his comments on that complex rivalry only made it into a bonus clip posted to CBS’ website, but the full interview is also available. Both segments are well worth a watch.

The Apple/Microsoft rivalry has taken a back seat in recent years to the more pressing matter of smartphones and internet-connected enterprises. Apple is still at the center of that current feud, but the rival has shifted to Google more and more. It’s easy to understand why two fierce competitors like Jobs and Gates could end their relationship as something closer to friends, both with a deep mutual respect for the other and their accomplishments.

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