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After reviewing the STM Nomad Messenger Bag and marquee case for iPad Mini, I’ve gotten a pretty good feel for what this company is all about. STM makes their bags and cases out of quality materials, they put a lot of thought into their designs, and their products have a sense of style about them. They stand out from the pack, but not so much that they look gaudy or unprofessional. I really appreciate what this company brings to the laptop and mobile accessory market.

STM recently released their new Velocity line of products, which includes four different cases, ranging from a small iPad sleeve to a full size messenger bag. They describe this series as “Lightweight but durable, sleek yet organized, cool while functional,” which seems pretty accurate based on what I saw. I have already reviewed the Impulse backpack and came away impressed with what it offers. Next up is the Velo 2 messenger bag, which is even better.

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stm-velo-loadedThe STM Velo 2 is perfect for commuters who need the flexibility and space to carry plenty of gear with them, and want to keep it well-protected. Like the STM Nomad, the shoulder strap on this bag is wide, durable, and comes with an even wider, non-slip pad that keeps the bag from slipping off. The Velo 2 also has a wealth of storage space, from small pockets for accessories, to the padded tablet pocket and laptop compartment, to a large interior section that can be used for a wide variety of cargo.

The Velo 2 isn’t just water resistant, either. It is perfect for bikers and pedestrians on crowded streets because everything is enclosed and secure. The center section has the traditional messenger bag straps, but also a zipper for extra security. The side pockets also can hold large water bottles, thermoses, or umbrellas, and zip completely closed. The waist strap on the back of the bag can also stabilize the bag and keep it tethered to you or your preferred mode of transportation, making your cargo even more secure.

As much as I liked the STM Nomad messenger bag that I reviewed previously, I like the Velo 2 even more. It holds a similar amount of gear, but has more padding built into the bag, and is also more compact. The organization of storage space is excellent, the design is good (although not as attractive as the Nomad), and the security features are well thought out. People who prefer a messenger bag for their travels would be hard-pressed to find a better one than this for the price.



  • Wide shoulder strap and wide, non-slip shoulder pad keep the bag in place.
  • Waist strap is handy for extra security while riding a bike, or walking in a crowd.
  • The handle is rugged, heavily stitched, and has padding on the underside.
  • Enclosed side-pockets keep contents safe while riding.
  • Lots of pockets for organization of all sizes of accessories.
  • Center section covered and protected by both straps and zipper.
  • Large open space with surrounding pockets in the center section adds flexibility.
  • Side-loading laptop compartment has lots of padding and is easy to get to.
  • Back pocket doubles as both storage and luggage handle pass-through.


  • None

Who is this product ideal for:

  • Students
  • Air travelers who want to fit a lot of gear in their carry-on.
  • Those who prefer to bike or ride motorcycles to work.
  • Those who would like some storage flexibility beyond just electronics.
  • Commuters who travel in crowded areas and are susceptible to theft.

The STM Velo 2 is available in Black, Blue, and Gray in Small and Medium Sizes. All models retail for $99.99.


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