Apple seeks to add Samsung's latest flagship to a long list of devices accused of infringing on the company's intellectual property as part of second US trial to kick off next year.
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Apple wants to add Samsung Galaxy S4 to upcoming US patent trial

galaxy s4 vs iphone design

Having sufficient time to examine the device since its release, Apple is moving to add the Samsung Galaxy S4 to the list of 22 devices accused of infringing upon patents owned by the company. If granted, the Galaxy S4 would be a part of the next US trial between Apple and Samsung, set to begin in spring of 2014 in Judge Lucy Koh’s California courtroom.

The problem, though, is that Judge Koh has already requested that Samsung trim its list of infringing devices, which also includes the Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, and Galaxy Note among others. To make room for the Galaxy S4, Apple intends to drop another handset from the lawsuit (likely an older or more minor release). The specific device was not made known.

[via The Verge]

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