After establishing itself as a favorite messaging service among BlackBerry users, BBM will go multi-platform this summer with free iOS and Android releases.
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BlackBerry bringing BBM to iOS this summer

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It was only a matter of time before BlackBerry played its trump card, announcing today that the popular BBM messaging service will go multi-platform this summer. To be available as a free download for iOS (iOS 6+ devices) and Android, it’s part of a new¬†initiative¬†that CEO Thorstein Heins, speaking at the BlackBerry Jam conference, says will eventually lead to a full-fledged BlackBerry experience on rival operating systems.

The writing was clearly on the wall. Despite a decent effort with the revamped BlackBerry 10 platform and new devices like the BlackBerry Z10, if the company once known as RIM wants to stay afloat in the smartphone game ditching exclusivity and banking on invading other platforms might be the best route. It’s clear BlackBerry has lost their edge in the smartphone hardware game, but the company still offers a suite of mobile tools that remain appealing to businesses and consumers alike.

With Google also rumored to launch a unified messaging service later this year (perhaps this week at their Google I/O conference) and Facebook making a big push for their Messenger app, this summer could be a fight to the death amongst SMS alternatives. A multi-platform strategy could be the key to victory, a fact that this news on BBM only confirms.


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