The Square Stand takes the mobile card reader to the next level by providing an all-in-one POS system for businesses using the iPad and Square to accept payments.
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Square Stand aims to replace the traditional cash register

Square Stand

Square, the mobile payment processing service, is taking the tablet card reader to the next level. The Square Stand is an all-in-one iPad mount with built in credit card swiper, adding a professional look to compliment the expanded variety of payments the Square Register apps allows individuals and small business to accept.

The Square Stand looks to replace the traditional cash register by offering the ability to pair the accessory with a cash drawer, receipt or kitchen printers, and barcode scanners. It’s a Square reader on steroids.

Unlike the original Square card reader, which is provided free to those signing up for the service, the Square Stand will set sellers back almost the price of a new iPad. The POS system is currently on pre-order fo $299 and will ship June 8th in a 30-pin dock compatible version. A Lightning version should be made available later this year.

[via Square]

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