Winner will get face time with Apple's CEO at the company's Cupertino headquarter after record-setting bid.
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A cup of coffee with Tim Cook goes for $610,000 at charity auction

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If you are looking for one of the priciest cups of coffee in the world, you won’t find it at your local Starbucks. No, Starbucks is still overpriced, but not nearly to the tune of $610,000, the final bid in a charity auction that earned the winner (and one friend) up to 60 minutes of face time with Tim Cook over a cup of coffee.

86 bids were placed, pushing the value of the coffee date well above its initial appraisal of $50,000. The auction, which was put on by Charitybuzz, will see proceeds go toward the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights. For the price, I sure hope Cook’s sit down at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters comes with more than just a cup of cafeteria coffee for whoever was so bold as to pay over half a million up front.

[via The Verge]

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