Announced at Google I/O, the new Google Hangouts unifies messaging services like Talk and Google+ into a single, multi-platform app built with mobile in mind.
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Google announces Hangouts, a multi-platform unified messaging service [Update: Now available]

Google Hangouts new hangout

Google will finally address a lack of native iOS support for their Talk messaging platform with the introduction of Hangouts, a Google+ based chat tool. Hangouts will shortly be available for iOS, Android, and Chrome and unifies Talk and Google’s other disparate messaging services for the first time while offering a host of features and functions.

Along with standard text messaging, users can share photos, engage in video hangouts, and plenty more. Conversations are backed up to the cloud allowing for quick recall of past threads, pictures, and more.

The app was demoed for Android at today’s Google I/O conference in San Francisco. It should be available in the App Store sometime later today.

Update: Hangouts is now available from the App Store. Getting started is as easy as downloading the free app and logging into your Google account.

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