User complaints about a faulty power button on the iPhone 4 have led one Florida woman to seek $5 million in damages as part of a class action lawsuit against Apple.
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New class action lawsuit focuses on iPhone 4’s power button

iphone 4 power button

The iPhone 4 just can’t catch a break. First it was antennagate. Now almost three years since the phone’s release Apple is being sued over another supposedly faulty part. Debra Hilton has filed a class action suit on behalf of all iPhone 4 owners who have experienced issues with the handset’s on/off/standby button.

Hilton, who hails from the great state of Florida, claims in documents filed in San Jose, California that Apple was well aware of issues pertaining to the power button’s flex cable but chose to ignore them in order to sell more iPhones. Evidence comes in the form of numerous complaints posted to Apple’s discussion boards as well as the expertise of an iPhone repair video posted to YouTube by a third-party tech.

The crux is that the default typically doesn’t surface until shortly after the phone’s one-year warranty expires, leaving customers with no choice but to pay Apple $149 to repair their iPhone 4. Wait, let’s rewind a minute. The iPhone 4 has been out for three years.

It’s true there has been some chatter about faulty power buttons, but the problem seems far from universal. If it were that big of an issue you would think public outcry would be a bit more prominent. Nevertheless, the suit seeks to recoup $5 million in damages for those that have had to endure irresponsive power switches for so long.

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