Apple announces the winner of their 50 billionth download contest as the App Store reaches yet another major milestone.
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App Store reaches 50 billion downloads

App store 50 billion downloads

The App Store has seen its 50 billionth download, and with it the winner of the 50 billionth app download contest has been decided. So everyone is dying to know which app was the one that pushed the App Store past this monumental milestone, right? It was Say The Same Thing, the app developed by band OK Go in conjunction with Space Inch, LLC..

And who will receive $10,000 in App Store credit? That would be Brandon Ashmore of Mentor, Ohio. That money can be put toward the more than 850,000 apps currently available for iPhone and iPad, which are being downloaded at a rate of 2 billion per month (or 800 per second). All of those apps are great, and I’m sure there are more than a few gems hidden deep within the App Store, but we’d rather take the money and run.

Anyway, you can stop feverishly downloading new apps in hopes that you would be the one to cross the 50 billion mark. There’s always 100 billion to look forward to.

[via Apple (Press Release)]

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