Reports out of Taiwan indicate that Apple is honing in on a final "iWatch" design with a trial run already ordered. Could the latest Apple innovation launch later this year?
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Report: Apple testing 1.5-inch OLED smart watch display

iwatch concept

After a flurry of rumors earlier in the year, talk of Apple’s rumored “iWatch” has died down in recent weeks. Now we are hearing reports from several sources that suggest Apple is entering the initial stages of production of their smart watch concept. According to Taiwan’s Economic TimesApple is looking into a 1.5-inch OLED display developed by RiTdisplay and may have already contracted Foxconn to begin a trial production of the device.

RitFast, a subsidiary of RITEK (the company that also owns RiTdisplay) is also said to provide the touchscreen sensor components for Apple’s smart watch. This is not the first time RITEK has been tied to the development of the iWatch with reports going back to last year. Apple was initially said to be exploring a 1.8-inch display but decided to scale back to 1.5 inches. There also have been rumors of the watch deploying a curved display panel (as rendered in the artist concept above).

A separate report from the same paper points to industry buzz once again pairing Apple with Foxconn to manufacture the iWatch. Rumors state that Apple has already placed its initial smart watch order, but it is only for a batch of about 1,000 units. The small scale run would likely be used for testing the device before beginning mass production.


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