New iOS 7 video showcases a beautiful 'flat" design concept
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New iOS 7 “flat’ concept design [VIDEO]

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We have seen our fair share of iOS 7 concept videos, and I’m sure that number will only continue to increase as we approach WWDC 2013.  There really are some talented designers out there, and when I see a concept video that showcases great work, I can’t help but want to share it with you.  This particular video caught my eye because it showcases the “flat” design we keep hearing Sir Jony Ive has been working toward.  Like it or not, there are many other aspects of this interpretation that are implemented in a way that I find very appealing.  Check it out for yourself, and let me know your opinion in the comment section below.  If your interested in what you see, check out what else SimplyZesty has to offer.




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  • so…iOS 6 + Android + Windows Phone = iOS 7? Still, I like the basic idea of it. I don’t think Apple will take things quite this far in iOS 7 though. This would be a seriously major overhaul.

  • bbqsfire

    If this was what IOS7 looked like i would be so tempted to give iphone another test run. i get to carry an iphone for work purposes. i just get bored with the iphone as my personal phone but if it looked like that i would consider the next iphone that comes out.

  • lola

    looks like a windows 8 phone tbh. doubt apple would wanna change their design so much.

  • Shawn Howell

    Definitely looks more like android and ios at the moment, no chance Jony Ive goes with totally squared edges, he’s never designed anything without curves. Great android concept though. BTW Rob and Kevin, thanks for your recent articles on your mobile OS swapping.