Apple has filed to add the Galaxy S4 to its upcoming patent trial with Samsung. Google Now also targeted as part of suit.
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Apple details Samsung Galaxy S4 infringement claims, motions to add Google Now to suit

Galaxy S4 and iPhone

After making clear their intentions to add the Samsung Galaxy S4 to a pending US patent lawsuit, Apple has filed the necessary paperwork, providing details on how the phone infringes upon the company’s intellectual property. The filing goes a step further and amends the Google Now search app to the suit.

Apple identified five patents said to be infringed upon by the Galaxy S4, including two for Siri-related unified search, a patent for “performing an action on a structure in computer-generated data,” and one for “asynchronous data synchronization amongst devices.” The filing also identifies a patent for a “graphical user interface using historical lists with field classes.”

The addition of Google Now focuses on two unified search patents that were the subject of infringement claims against Google’s Quick Search Box. It will now be a part of the same trial, which is set to begin in early 2014 under the watchful gaze of Judge Lucy Koh.

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  • robjackson81

    The patent stuff is always crazy to me. There needs to be a new standard that disallows patenting common sense ideas, like synchronizing data across devices.

    At some point the patent system changes somehow, I hope. I don’t think any company is more guilty than the next, to be honest, just protecting their stock holders within the limits of the law. Can’t really blame them for that. It’s the system that needs to change.

    • Renkman

      The whole system is definitely jacked, long, tedious, and exhausting. I think people are so tired of hearing about lawsuits that they are even willing to forget the fact that in order to keep a patent, it must rigorously defended. When it seems that one side is wining more often than not, or the coverage makes it appear that way, the patent system seems unfair to the average Joe–especially when features that they are used to using are no longer available.

      • it’s just one more way to make money, which is sad. apple will sell phones whether or not samsung offers unified search or not.

  • Christopher Brown

    Typical Apple

  • Covert_Death

    booo… apple can’t handle competition still,
    they probably tried to patent “asking your phone a question and getting an answer”

    so tired of this BS from a company that no longer innovates.

  • TechIsSpecial

    apple is so jealous!!
    They themselves can’t invent something without Steve Jobs and walk around like a bitch and start barking at other campanies!!!

  • Paid Shill

    Samsung FTW!!!!