Have you see the Trunk? It might be the coolest Lightning to USB cable we have seen to date. It charges and doubles as a stand.
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Trunk is the iPhone 5 charging cable to rule them all


Meet Trunk, the iPhone 5 charging cable that is so ingenious it’s a wonder no one thought of this before. Instead of a long, gangly mess of wire, Trunk opts to stay short and stout, making it easy to throw in the pocket and take with you. How the cable handles its decreased length, however, is its  real beauty.

Trunk has a rigid construction that can be posed to double as a fully functional stand. Your iPhone can sit upright as it charges in a wall socket. Better yet, the cable can double as a car dock and charge your handset at the same time.

TRUNK posable iphone cable

The Trunk charging “cable” will set you back $20, which is right about what Apple charges for their Lightning to USB cable. But that cable doesn’t turn into a stand. Game, set, match.

[via Gizmodo]

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  • robjackson81

    Looks interesting but in the top picture, doesn’t it seem like it’s completely in the way of the gear shifter? I know it won’t fit every car perfectly, but in a press shot, I’d think they would pick a vehicle that it fits a little better.

    • Renkman

      Just turn it a smidgen 🙂

    • it’s an automatic 😉 if it were stick shift and you actually had to actively shift a lot, then we’d have an issue. but yeah, for car use it really won’t fit everyone. definitely not my car (the 12V plug is pretty tucked away)

  • Renkman

    This really is a very simple but cool idea, especially if you’re on the run a lot and need a quick stand or way to display your iPhone while you charge it at the same time!