Mike Lazaridis expects iPhone users to get on board with BBM when it launches for iOS later this summer, perhaps taking such a liking to the messaging platform that they could give up iMessage for good.
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BlackBerry Founder says iPhone users will flock to BBM, will you?

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Though he stepped down from his position with BlackBerry in 2012, Mike Lazaridis is still pulling for the company he helped found. Speaking at the Bloomberg Canada Economic Summit, Lazaridis said he expects iPhone users and those on other operating systems to “embrace” BBM when the service goes multi-platform later this summer.

Lazaridis said that new CEO Thorsten Heins’ decision “[speaks] to the confidence he has in the platform.” Analysts, however, don’t necessarily agree that the company once known as RIM is on the right track. Some think the availability of BBM, one of the company’s key services, on other platforms will dilute BlackBerry’s ability to generate revenue.

But BlackBerry is also hoping that the availability of BBM on iOS will dilute the number of iMessage users. That’s the question I know turn to you. Will BBM on iOS be enough to lure you away from Apple’s messaging service?


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  • Renkman

    Really BB? Why on Earth would I embrace an old messaging system that has been out for years, but now is trying to compete with iMessage, Hangouts, and every other platform messaging system. I agree with analysts, BB is desperate to keep their heads above water, and most people I know won’t even bother to give BBM a try, much less make it their go-to messaging service. Too little, too late.