As Google attempts to make search a more natural, intuitive experience, Chrome for iPhone and iPad is set to receive an update enabling voice search with the tap of a button.
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Voice search coming soon to Chrome for iPhone and iPad

Chrome for iOS  Voice Search

Watch out Siri, iOS users will soon have yet another option when it comes to taking to their phones. Google announced that an update to Chrome for iPad and iPhone will soon be available that enables voice search within the browser. A new microphone icon will be present in the browser’s omnibox — when tapped, users can try out such voice queries as “How many miles from San Antonio to Dallas?” or “Who stars inĀ The Internship?”

The update will be reaching the App Store in the coming days and also includes better cache management for faster reloading of web pages. Google also notes that third-party apps can now give users the option to open links directly in Chrome.

So if Chrome is your browser of choice, keep an eye on the App Store for the latest update set to arrive soon.

[via Chrome Blog]

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