Is it even possible for Apple to top the design of the iPhone 5? History says yes, but it's hard to imagine how the company could improve on the nearly perfect smartphone.
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Late to the Party: The iPhone 5 is the most beautiful smartphone I have ever used

iphone5Have you ever held perfection in your hand? I have, and it’s called the iPhone 5. What’s that, you say? There is no such thing as perfection? Then you must not have seen the iPhone 5.  The phone has been out since last fall, so I will spare you a lengthy review, but I just had to let it be known: the iPhone 5 is the most beautiful smartphone I have ever used.

Yes, I am late to the party. I know this. I’ve only had the phone for a month. But I knew when I switched from Android to iOS that device design and build quality were a guaranteed plus. Apple has never let me down in this area even if some of their hardware definitely looks dated in hindsight.

Remember that G4 Cube? The clamshell iBook? We could even consider the first gen iPod. Dare I mention the first iPhone? The point is, they all wowed people at some point. But Apple’s continued dedication to design means newer models simply make the older hardware look a bit silly.

ibook clamshell

But I digress. I’m talking about the iPhone 5 now: its slim proportions, the craftsmanship, the glass and aluminum design. You still have the iPhone 4? A great phone in it’s own right, but go ahead. Be jealous.

Listen, I’ve seen everything the other team has to offer. From the Motorola Droid to the Samsung Galaxy S4, nothing quite touches the iPhone 5. There were a few bright spots. A few diamonds in the rough. I always thought the Galaxy Nexus was a bit underrated in terms of design. The HTC One and One X were impressive feats of hardware manufacturing.

But we could debate that all day, and you can mince words when it comes to the actual software powering all of these phones, but if given the option to choose my phone on first sight without ever powering it on, the iPhone 5 will win every time. It’s as simple as that.

The iPhone 5 is such a nice handset, I won’t even be upset if Apple releases the 5S with little to no external modifications. Apple could leave the iPhone design how it stands for the rest of time. Competitors will still be hard-pressed to come close to topping it.

Again, I’ve only had the phone a month. At the same time, I should expect to be bored with it by now. But I can’t lie. Somedays I hold this marvel of engineering in my hands and just stare. Take it all in. Run my fingers around its edges. Toggle buttons just for fun. Glimpse my reflection in the shiny Apple adorning its back.

I have found the perfect smartphone for me, and it’s name is iPhone 5.

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  • greg

    iphone 5 is even better with Evasion jailbreak on it. Beats anything out there with it on.

  • ihellno

    pish posh……(cough) galexy….

  • Greg

    And iSheep wonder why everyone hates them

    • Mark Wheeler

      And your massive circle jerk over at phandroid is different… How?
      C’mon even the name of the site states your blind fanboy tendencies.

  • kascollet

    I’ve also recently switched from Android phones to the iPhone 5 and I appreciate this new device for almost everything (mostly speed, screen brightness and small form-factor) but I have to say I don’t like its ergonomics very much. The phone is indeed sexy but also feels quite awkward in the hand. It’s cold, the pronounced squared angles don’t feel good and I’m always afraid to drop it (even though it is quite sturdy). With a plastic case, it’s much better but then, the looks are gone.
    I would have preferred a more rounded shape with different materials.

  • Shawn Howell

    I’m a four year Android guy and am waiting for the 5s this fall to make the switch. I hope they stick with this form factor with little change.

  • IronHorse01

    I’m sorry but you’re a bit of a hypocrite, then you go over to the android site and clamor about how much you miss android and the opens system
    And the widgets and all that. Had to call you out on that

    • Ronnie Ron Weez

      I’m sorry but I’m gonna call you out. When he goes to phandroid he does rant about is SOFTWARE. What he’s talking about here is strictly HARDWARE two different subjects. I love android and hate iPhone software but the iPhone build quality and design is second to no one

      • IronHorse01

        Really? You should check out the build quality of the htc one, iPhone 5 has nothing on it. Oh not to mention the better screen on the one

  • I’ve looked at the 5 and I like it, but I couldn’t help but feel that it’s more of the same. That’s not to say it isn’t a beautiful device, but phones like the HTC One feel like a fresh breath. The iPhone, while still continuing to be really nice hardware, hasn’t felt like it has made any big improvements in design since the 4. As a 4S owner I haven’t felt that the differences have compelled me enough to get it. I’l likely go back to Android for my next phone unless if the next iPhone hardware and software gets a noticeable improvement or change that I like.

    While I can’t speak from personal experience, the 5’s body sounds very malleable and susceptible to scratches and dings. Kind of detracts from the ascetics if it’s easy to mark it up.