Popular email alternative Mailbox finally receives support for the iPad in an update to version 1.3.
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Mailbox gains iPad support in version 1.3 update

mailbox for ipad

Mailbox was exclusive enough when it launched as an invite-only service, but as the email app opened up to more users it still left one segment out in the cold: iPad owners. That changes today with the update to Mailbox 1.3, which brings support for the larger tablet screen, providing a two-paned approach that allows you to read a full email while still maintaining access to your inbox.

Nothing changes for iPhone users, and the app remains limited to Gmail support, which is a bit disappointing but not a deal breaker. The Mailbox team is promising a greater range of email clients and wider platform support in the future, but the app still remains an excellent alternative for Gmailers on the iPhone and (now) iPad.

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  • James Rogers

    All I can say is WOOHOO!!!! I love Mailbox, and hate having to go back to the Gmail app when I look at personal email on my iPad. I just hope Google doesn’t follow their recent trend of killing off open access to their services, and cut Mailbox off at the knees. I honestly won’t be surprised if they do, I just hope Dropbox is ready with a solution of their own, because I will move over in a heartbeat.

    • I’m curious to see what dropbox can do…that will be an interesting little back and forth. Gmail + Google Drive or Dropbox + email

      • James Rogers

        I agree. Dropbox still has a lot of mindshare in the cloud storage space, despite all the competition. However, they are going to have to expand Mailbox beyond just Gmail support if they want to meet the needs of more users. That, and future-proof their new toy.

        And don’t get me wrong. I’m happy with Gmail. It’s the only Google service besides search that I see myself sticking with over the long haul. I just have a bad feeling that Google is going to do what they’ve been doing with Calendar, Contacts, and Exchange support, and pull the rug at some point. Especially since Dropbox is now using Gmail in a way that competes with them in storage.

  • Renkman

    So excited by this. At least I can use Mailbox on my iPad now. One of a handful of iOS only apps I miss using on my HTC One.