New patent describes technology that automatically adjusts a smartphone's speaker configuration and volume based on proximity.
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Apple granted patent to smartly adjust smartphone volume based on proximity


Apple has been granted a patent that could add another layer of usefulness to the proximity sensor found in the iPhone. While using the sensor to toggle the display on and off when placing a call is old hat, the patent describes using the sensor to automatically adjust the volume of the phone’s earpiece and speaker.

As detailed, as a user moves their phone further away from their ear the phone the earpiece volume increases. At a certain distance the speakerphone could be automatically triggered, and the device could smoothly transition from using the earpiece to the speaker.

The patent also covers other sensors that could be used to achieve the same effect, such as the front facing camera. A true implementation of the technology described might actually use a combination of several inputs.

When might we see automatic volume adjustment coming to the iPhone? Perhaps the next generation of the handset will include the functionality, but given the hardware already out there it’s feasible Apple could deliver it in a software update to older models.



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