After launching their All Access streaming music platform earlier this month, Google has announced plans to bring the service to iOS for the first time.
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Like an answered prayer, Google Play Music All Access coming to iOS

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Tim Cook isn’t the only one putting on a show at the D11 conference this week. Sundar Pichai, one of the top dogs on Google’s Android team, dropped word during an interview with Walt Mossburg that we can expect official support for Google Play Music All Access to reach iOS “in a few weeks.”

Google’s lack of an official app for their cloud music service has been curious to say the least. The Mountain View-based company has not been shy about competing with Apple on their own turf, launching apps like Maps and Google Now directly to the App Store. Pichai said the company’s goal is to be “universally accessible” across platforms.

There is no firm launch date for Google Play Music All Access, but it could come at an interesting time. While there is no guarantee, there is the slimmest of possibilities that Apple could launch their own iRadio music service at WWDC 2013, which, just like All Access, is only a few weeks away.


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  • Edgar Cervantes

    Even if Apple launches its own music service, I will probably keep Google Music. I don’t care much for all access, I just want to be able to play the music I already have in the cloud.

    • that’s where I am bro. don’t need the streaming radio when I have my own library in the cloud!

      • Edgar Cervantes

        Seriously. I hate having to use the browser!

    • Renkman

      Yeah, you can already do that with your iOS library right now–iTunes match is a great service.

      • Edgar Cervantes

        Except iTunes Match isn’t free.

        • Renkman

          True, but $25/year aint bad, and it doesn’t matter where you got your music from–plus the music quality will be upgraded in most cases. And all the music you purchase on iTunes is available to stream for free, too.