If you’re looking for a new pick-up-and-play puzzle game, go download this game right now. Voro is simple, yet very addicive!
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Review: Voro for iOS




Voro is a perfect example of why I love my iPhone.  All it took was one measly buck to cure my boredom and get a new addiction.  Within five minutes of tapping buy, I was completely and totally hooked.  If you’re looking for a new pick-up-and-play puzzle game, go download this game right now.

What you’ll love most about this game is that after almost five years of the App Store, someone managed to create a puzzle game that is truly unique.  You won’t see any squares, cubes, blocks, or diamonds here.  Instead, you get colorful, imperfect shapes that you maneuver and shape around the screen.  Connect four or more of the same color to clear those pieces from the screen.  Clear the entire screen before your allotment of turns expires to advance to the next level.




Simple, right?  Yes, but that’s what makes it so good.

After a quick and handy tutorial, you’ll have no lingering questions.  Once you play around on the first level, you’ll get a good feel for the game.  That’s when it hooks you in, reducing your spoken vocabulary to only four words: Just. One. More. Level.

No two levels are ever the same, so replay value is until you get bored and, trust me, that won’t happen any time soon.  In fact, it still hasn’t happened with me.  I have not yet beat the game, but it’s definitely on this weekend’s to-do list.

Voro features two modes:  Classic, which I covered above, and Rapid, which features an immobile set of tiles that you tap (instead of drag) to connect and eliminate.



If Voro has one drawback, it’s that it’s a bit old school in that your progress is not automatically saved after each level, but after level 10 and level 20.  But once you get through all of the levels, that won’t matter at all since, again, no two levels are ever the same.

Of all the games I have reviewed here on iSource, this is definitely one of my favorites.  Even if you’re bored with puzzle games and feel like they’re all the same, you’ll love Voro.  It’s very unique and extremely addicting.  I highly recommend you give this one a try.

Voro by Abstratum was independently purchased by the reviewer.  It is a universal app available in the App Store for $0.99.

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  • interesting looking game. I will check it out.

    • Renkman

      It’s very addictive. I like the concept a lot