Have you heard about a jailbreak tweak to improve the perceived speed on your iPhone or iPad? I have, I've tried it, and I'm telling you its name: it's called Accelerate.
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Quick Look: Accelerate Jailbreak Tweak

Accelerate tweak

There are all sorts of little tricks to speed up an iPhone, but none that feel quite so dramatic as Accelerate. I’ve been using this jailbreak tweak for over two months, and it has become my number one recommendation for new jailbreakers.

What Accelerate does is relatively simple: it speeds up iOS animations by a set amount, so that the transitions between screens become slightly faster, or happen instantaneously. I wouldn’t call a stock iPhone 4S sluggish by any means, but there are certain things that just feel a little slow, like switching between conversations in Messages, or bringing up the multitasking tray. Some of these delays are due to loading times, but many of them are actually due to system-side iOS animations, which are coded to play back at a certain speed. Apple gets that speed right a lot of the time, but there are certain sections of iOS that make me impatient, and this is where Accelerate can shine.

I like to keep my iPhone 4S on the “Superman!” setting, which is the third from the highest. It’s just enough for me to notice animations – like going back and forth in Settings – but still fast enough that my 4S feels snappier overall. Switching between conversations in Messages feels instantaneous, as does tapping the camera button to send a picture in iMessage.

However, not all of the animations should be sped up across the board. Banners and the Springboard “shaking” animation are almost dizzying when played at maximum speed, but luckily, Accelerate has toggles to set certain animations to play at Apple’s specified speeds. The toggles aren’t perfect – sometimes the animations play at maximum speed, regardless – but they work most of the time, and it makes a huge difference in adding to the everyday viability of this tweak.

Accelerate isn’t an over-clocking app, but rather an animation-tweaking app that can make your whole iPhone (or iPad) feel so much faster. It took me a little while to get used to Accelerate and decide what speed I wanted it to perform at, but now that I have, I can’t imagine jailbreaking without it. I will likely have to abandon iOS 6 jailbreak for iOS 7 at some point, and when I do, Accelerate will be sorely missed.

Check it out on the BigBoss repository on Cydia. It’s free!

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  • Renkman

    I downloaded this tweak a couple of months ago, and I was stunned at how fast the animations were. It’s weird because it’s a perceived speed increase, and technically not making the experience any faster. Animations can be dramatically increased, but the data still takes the same amount of time to load. It was a little buggy when I downloaded it, and I removed it a couple of days later Has the experience improved for you?

  • GnarDog

    you dont know me. but you changed the way my ios experince is. faster. better. and i thank you for that. i love this site.