Finally, a functional iOS 7 concept video I can get behind.
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Most “functional” iOS 7 concept video I’ve seen [VIDEO]

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For the most part iOS 7 concept videos are a dime a dozen.  You watch them, and you enjoy the silly concepts that you know Apple will never implement.  You are entertained because it is fun to think about what we would like to see, while all along we are patiently waiting for the next OS refresh.  With WWDC only 10 days away, I for one am giddy with anticipation of what Apple will do with iOS 7.

There has been rampant talk of a “flattening” of sorts happening throughout iOS, and that Jony Ive has been making sweeping changes to the oldest mobile OS on the market.  I for one, do not think Ive and Apple will make such drastic changes to the appearance of iOS.  Yes it’s old, and yes it is becoming outdated and is need of a refresh.  However, one of the most appealing aspects of iOS is their attention to detail.  The shadows, the depth, the elegant appearance throughout the whole OS from the settings menus to the most detailed of apps.

I’m sure we will see aesthetic changes, but what iOS 7 needs more than anything is a functional refresh of sorts–and that’s what makes this concept video more legitimate to me.  With the exception of panoramic wallpapers (which I like, but doubt will ever see on iOS without jailbreaking) there are several good ideas I’d like to see introduced.

For starters, one feature that I’ve used on my Jailbroken iPhone that needs to be an integral part of iOS 7 is actionable notifications, referred to in this video as “quick reply.”  Being able to respond to a text without getting pulled out of the app your in seems like a no brainer.  Secondly, Siri needs to “become all it can be.”  I know Siri is still in beta, but Apple is missing out on tons of potential system-wide integration as we are using more and more hands free devices in our vehicles. I love their settings and multi-tasking concepts as well.

Take a look for yourself, and let me know in the comments section if you would like to see any of these ideas in iOS 7.  Props to Christian Lue from ChanluChannel and Ran Avni from ConceptsiPhone for their hard work.


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  • Michael Mi

    I like the smarter siri,but the iphone shape is ugly

    • Renkman

      Ugly in the video?

  • Vighnesh Venkatraman

    How about a set as ringtone option in the music player?

    • Renkman

      Actually, that’s a really good addition to the drop-down menu they showed.

  • I still think this is terrible. Having both iOS and Android Devices, Android is leaps and bounds above iOS in terms of clean UI and ease of use. Siri is pointless. Google Now at lease predicts your movements and provides “cards” based on these movements…for instance the traffic on your way to work in the morning – just before you leave.

    There is still a lot to be worked on with iOS, especially in relation to layout, ease of use and design.

    However, what you’ve shown here is a good start. Still a mess though….especially the home screen. We will see what they have for us very soon though 🙂