Another major label signs on to Apple's streaming music service, but licensing deals continue to be the main roadblock in prepping iRadio for a WWDC 2013 debut
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Report: Apple inks deal with Warner Music, one step closer to iRadio launch

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Whether or not we see Apple’s streaming music platform launch at WWDC is looking more and more a matter of whether or not the company can secure the necessary licensing deals with major labels. The service commonly known as iRadio took a step in the right direction today as reports surfaced that Apple has reached a deal with Warner Music, securing their library of music.

As we have covered previously, it won’t make much sense for Apple to launch iRadio without the support of all major labels, as it would put the service at a disadvantage out of the gate. Apple has already managed to secure Universal Music, but reports indicate Sony Music isn’t so keen to sign a deal given similar terms.

So the race is on for Apple to gain the necessary label support in time for a WWDC debut. If they fail to reach agreements with the remaining major labels, the debut of iRadio could be delayed indefinitely.

[via NYT]


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  • Renkman

    Still curious what they have planned to make this service more desirable than what’s already out there.