Apple's finally signs the last of the major music labels for their streaming music service. Will the remaining publishing deals be inked soon thereafter?
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Apple finally inks deal with Sony, iRadio launch imminent? [POLL]

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As if they planned it this way all along, Apple inked their third and final major music label today signing Sony Music only three days ahead of WWDC 2013.  Negotiating went on for over a year, and there was concern that perhaps a deal wouldn’t be in place in time to reveal the unannounced iRadio service.

The two came to an agreement early this morning with Sony now joining Universal and Warner Music.  What Apple plans to offer with their streaming radio service that makes it unique or more appealing than services like Pandora and Spotify remains to be seen.  Work still needs to be completed, though, as Apple must negotiate deals with the two remaining publishers.   Currently, the only publisher signed is Warner/Chappell, with Warner Music.

In the highly competitive market of internet radio, Apple already has millions of iTunes customers in place using mobile devices.  The sheer numbers game alone make Apple a big player from the start. With the addition of potential ad revenue, and other undisclosed features, Apple’s radio service might be just what the music industry needs to give it’s revenue stream a shot in the arm.

We’ll find out soon enough.  Make sure check back often, and follow iSource all week starting Monday with the WWDC Keynote.  In addition, be sure to check out our forums where we will be discussing all of the newest announcements.



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