With WWDC 2013 fast approaching, Apple begins to transform Moscone West with informative banners.
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Banners transforming Moscone West ahead of WWDC [GALLERY]

WWDC 2013

One of the more enjoyable hobbies shared by photographers both novice and expert leading up to WWDC is to capture Apple’s transformation of both the interior and exterior of Moscone West with informative, colorful banners. It is always fun to see what they look like and  equally fun to try and figure out what clues there might be hidden in plain sight.

This year is no exception of course.  In fact, with no announcement of OS X version 10.9, and the buzz surrounding the Ive-ification of iOS 7, this year’s speculation might be at an all-time high for WWDC.  Apple doesn’t give it all away before the keynote, however.  There were many banners draped with curtains to conceal their identity just like in years past, making them that much more interesting.

Here is a collection of some of my favorite banners from Moscone West taken by various photographers [credit for photo listed below]  In addition, every WWDC banner for the last 11 years!



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iOS 7


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