Ever wonder what iOS 7 might look like on your iPhone? Check out this completely web-based version to try it first hand now.
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Completely interactive HTML based iOS7 Concept

ios 7 concept

So the guys over at recombu have been having a little fun creating an iOS 7 concept on what they are calling a iPhone 5S.  The idea here is that when you open this link on your iPhone, it gives you the experience of using their interpretation of iOS 7 on your own device.  No video demonstrations here, just a completely interactive experience achieved through your browser.

They are doing all of this built completely on HTML, CSS & JavaScript code.  In other words, they aren’t using any images what-so-ever.   Of course this is completely rumor based, taking cues from some of the more widely accepted “flatter look and feel” design ideas throughout the OS, with less attention to gradients and that evil word–skeuomorphic design.

The appeal here is the “hands on” feel of touching, adjusting, and exploring a reasonable iOS 7 concept much the same way Microsoft did with their Windows phone 7 emulator a year or so ago.  Let me know in the comments section what you think of their interpretation and how you think it might be different than what Apple eventually showcases next week at WWDC.  I can hardly wait!

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