iOS 7 is official, and flat is in. Along with a redesigned user interface, Apple has introduced Control Center, improved multi-tasking, and more.
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Apple announces iOS 7

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As expected, Apple just unveiled the Jony Ive-ified update to iOS at the WWDC 2013 keynote. iOS7 features one of the biggest user interface overhauls for the platform to date. The past few weeks have been filled with talk of a new ‘flat’ design concept, and flat it is, but a new look isn’t all you can expect from iOS 7. Apple has tweaked nearly every aspect of iOS, from the apps to the typography and even more

The design will be the biggest talking point when it comes to iOS 7. Along with completely new icons for stock apps like Mail, iTunes, and Safari, Apple has also majorly tweaked the UI in several other areas. Look for a thinner sans-serif typeface, dots that replace the traditional signal strength bars, and a┬áparallax viewing that detects phone movement and adds a bit of dimension to and otherwise 2D design. It’s as if a layer of space exists between icons and your wallpaper.

Notification Center has been revamped with larger, easier to interact with notifications. You can even access it direct from the lockscreen. Apple looks to add new multi-tasking capabilities with app previeiws, Control Center brings quick access to common functions, and that’s not all. The main highlights of iOS 7 are currently being previewed on stage and we’ll have all the details as the day goes on.



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  • MK2

    Hmmm, looks very “Holo” to me. Now where have I heard that name before?

    • I won’t deny that there are some distinctly Android-esque elements to the new design…

      • Renkman

        plenty of iOS elements in Android as well–especially in the earlier versions.

        • NightAngel79

          They both stole them from Win Mobile!! LOL (jk)

        • Renkman

          There is definitely some “sharing” among mobile OS’s, but I agree with James–this has aspects of Web OS all over it

        • MK2

          Do you think Apple will stop trying to sue Samsung now? I don’t either.

        • James Rogers

          I have a Galaxy Note 8, and I don’t see much TouchWiz in iOS 7. A lighter spin on Holo, but not as flat. Still, this is sure as hell no Sammy rip off.

        • MK2

          No, it’s an Android rip off. But Apple has been hesitant to go directly after Google, so they sue their biggest partner instead.

        • James Rogers

          1. I’m not personally in favor of all the suing, but Apple can do what they want. They have a lot of money, and they are working within the current legal structure.

          2. If Google, Samsung, Blackberry, or the artist formerly known as Palm wants to protect their stuff, they are free to file for a patent. If they don’t, then they have no expectation that their ideas won’t be borrowed.

          3. It’s one thing to direct copy. It’s another to take something, and re-work it. Google did this with homescreen folders in Jellybean. They outright copied the entire drop an app on an app metaphor from Apple, but they put their own unique spin on it. Same with Swipe to Unlock. They took the idea and changed it up. I see absolutely nothing wrong with that. While I haven’t installed the iOS 7 beta yet, it’s pretty clear that Apple borrowed elements from not just Android 4.0+, but also iOS Jailbreak tools, WP and webOS, and then put a different spin on it all.

          Samsung, on the other hand, directly copied several UI elements from iOS in early versions of TouchWiz. This is not news. Sure, they don’t anymore, but I wasn’t surprised or bothered that they lost that judgement last year. It wasn’t like they got put out of business. It barely put a dent in their profits.

          Would Apple sue someone else over this? Possibly. But, they would have filed a patent on whatever they created first. Google is within their rights to do so, as well, but they choose not to. Also, considering that Google has 10 times the current government lobbying budget of Apple, if they made software patent reform a real priority and pushed for patent system overhaul, they could probably make it happen. It’s curious to me that they haven’t yet. They seem much more worried about other things, like flip flopping on net neutrality, running fiber through cities without getting sued over it, or making plans for their own island kingdom somewhere in the Pacific.

          In the end, the question needs to be asked: How much has any of this REALLY hurt them? Evidently, not that much. If not, then what’s the big deal? Why the Android Army moral crusade?

        • MK2

          James, lets not get into whether or not Apple’s patents are valid in the first place, that’s a rather long and intricate discussion on it’s own. Lets also not discuss that farse of a trial in CA with appeals currently ongoing.

          I do want to point out that Google is aggressively going after patent overhaul, and interestingly enough, Apple is on board. It is happening, but it’s slow, this is congress we’re talking about.

        • Renkman

          Apple has an obligation to their shareholders to defend patents, or else the patents are not worth the paper they’re written on. So if Samsung or anyone else who does not have a licensing agreement with Apple steals their stuff–then yes, they should, and will sue them

        • MK2

          Yeah, because those patents are so innovative. Rounded corners, oooooh. Slide to unlock, ZOMG!!

        • Renkman

          So innovative that they were copied by Samsung because they can’t come up with anything on their own–ZOMG back at ya

      • James Rogers

        To me, it looks like they stole more from webOS than Android. The card metaphor for multitasking, especially. Also, Apple did go a different direction with the overall color scheme and pallete, which is very light in tone and bright, at least by default. Holo tends to have darker backgrounds by default if memory serves.

  • rageboardr


    • MK2

      They’ve gotta save something for OS7.1

  • chuckles87

    So they changed the theme very innovative