The music discovery and curation engine will be put to good use as part of Apple's first foray into streaming music.
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Twitter #Music will get featured iTunes Radio station

itunes radio

Twitter #Music launched as a bit of a curiosity and has since fallen into obscurity, but the service could gain some lift thanks to Apple’s newly announced iTunes Radio. A station based Twitter’s #Music trending algorithms will be featured as one of the presets for all to enjoy.

Unlike Apple, Twitter never intended to create an internet radio application, instead focusing on the power of its userbase to aid in curation and discovery of music. The app, which relies on services like Spotify for song playback, has lost some steam since its initial launch in April. Whether or not its inclusion in iTunes Radio will alert more tweeps to #Music is an unknown, but it’s good to see Twitter doing something the service that could have so easily been forgotten.

[via The Verge]

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