With new features like Finder Tabs, enhanced support for multiple displays, and the introduction of Maps and iBooks, OS X Mavericks has plenty to offer.
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Which Mac OS X Mavericks feature are you looking forward to most?


iOS 7 was the star of Apple’s WWDC keynote, but we also got a glimpse at the future of Mac OS X. Along with a new naming convention that moves away from the big cats, OS X 10.9 Mavericks brought along plenty of feature to please the power users out there. So which are you sweating the most?

When tabs in the web browser became a thing, they quickly redefined the way most people interacted with the web. The internet moved from a single-serve experience humming along at the speed of dial-up to a much richer broadband experience. It’s no wonder the folks at Apple didn’t think of Finder Tabs sooner.

Now instead of having to sort through several instances of Finder to track down files, organize, and move them about, tabs keep things nice and tidy. Add in new file tagging and Apple just created one of the most powerful file management systems we have ever seen.

OS X Mavericks Macs

OS X Mavericks redefines the way Apple’s desktop OS interacts with multiple displays, as well. There is no longer a primary or secondary display. Instead, all displays are treated equally and function independently.

Apple has also beefed up notifications in the latest OS X update. You can now interact with notification pop-ups such as messages, responding directly or performing other interactions without moving into a separate app. Notifications now offer alerts from websites such as sports scores, news, and even updates on things like eBay auctions.


But more than just the operating system, Apple is also introducing updated versions of some of their core apps as well as offering some first timers as well. Maps and iBooks make their Mac debut, while Calendar and Safari receive their fair share of tweaks as well.

Then there are the under-the-hood improvements that promise improved energy efficiency, better battery life for notebooks, and more. Oh, and iCloud Keychain is another neat new feature that stores your passwords in the cloud, making it one of the most portable login management solutions out there.

Mavericks is currently going through the paces of its beta trial with developers, but should reach the general public later this year. What feature can you not wait another day for, though? Sound off in the poll and comments below!

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  • Renkman

    The finder has been in need of an update for quite some time. I really like what they have introduced with both tabs and tags. Looking forward to getting my hands on Mavericks the day it becomes available

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Multiple displays, for sure. I hate how Mac currently handles them. It makes it almost impossible to work with multiple displays. I am so happy they have fixed this.