A fragmented design process is said to be at the root of iOS 7's sometimes disparate aesthetics, don't be surprised if Apple tweaks the look of the update before launch.
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Sources say much of iOS 7 could change by official release

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According to theĀ The Next Web, the iOS 7 we saw previewed at WWDC could see a host of changes by the time it reaches consumers in the fall. In what reads as a move uncharacteristic of Apple, iOS 7 is said to be a complete “work in progress” and its aesthetic elements aren’t necessarily set in stone.

This extends to the app icons, which have perhaps been the most divisive design element of the major platform overhaul. Apparently, Jony Ive had separate teams working on internal app design and external app presentation. The team in charge of the latter? Apple’s marketing and communications department. The decision to divide the workload in this way apparently made for the disparate design strategies that seem to prevent themselves throughout iOS 7.

So just as Apple will refine the software performance of the new iOS build over the coming months, so to will the design see some degree of tweaking (if this report pans out, that is). And that, folks, is why they call it a beta.

[via The Next Web]

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  • Ryan Metzger

    This is definitely a work in progress… even beta versions that are seeded to developers ahead of time have been more further along than iOS 7 so far. So many glitches and questionable designs that at time I’m wonder if a particular graphic is even meant to be there.