With iOS 7 out of the way, Jony Ive's attentions have turned to redesigning the rest of the world around us, up to and including, well, the world.
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Jony Ive redesigns Star Wars, the earth, and more

Jony Ive redesigns his shirt

Reactions to Jony Ive’s redesigned iOS have been mostly positive, but the man’s catching his fair share of flack for some of the aesthetic choices made along the way. Perhaps this is no better illustrated than by¬†Jony Ive Redesigns Things, a blog that reinterprets the world through the eyes of Ive, often with hilarious results.

jony I've redesigns star wars

Take for instance Jony Ive’s new approach to the Star Wars movie poster, the Coke can, even the earth itself. Then there is this Mac OS X mockup or Jony Ive’s shirt. When Jony Ive isn’t redesigning iOS, he’s redesigning the redesign to iOS. How’s that for meta humor?

jony Ive redesigns the earth

Check out the blog for even more before Jony Ive redesigns that, too. No, seriously. It’s only a matter of time before Ive re-engineers the entire human race.

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